About Us

iTradeNetwork was formed 14 years ago with a vision of transforming the way that the food industry exchanged goods and services. We knew that if we could help to remove the complexity and cost typically associated with sourcing, procuring, managing and delivering orders, we could make a big difference to our customer’s bottom lines. We also knew that we would be helping them to deliver the best products at the best price to their customers.

The single most important belief we had then, and still have today, is that collaboration is the key to achieving supply chain excellence. The easier we make it for trading partners to interact with each other, exchange data and stay in sync throughout their business interactions, the more efficient each partner will operate. Enabling collaboration was what our original trading network was all about, and it’s core to every solution we offer today.

We believe there is strength in numbers. Each time a new company joins the network, the value to all participating companies increases. That’s why we’ve invested so heavily to build exceptional integration capabilities that allow any company to join the network quickly and easily, regardless of their size or technical acumen. You also only have to connect to the network one time. Our network adapts to your existing business processes and applications, just as it does for your trading partners. That’s part of the power of iTradeNetwork.

Today, we are proud to call more than 8,000 companies from across the food industry our customers. This includes:

  • 16 of the 20 largest grocery retailers in North America
  • 9 of the 10 largest foodservice distributors in North America
  • The 5 largest food service management companies
  • 11 of the 20 largest restaurant chains
  • Approximately 95% of Fresh shippers (produce, meat, seafood, floral)

We’ve reached the point of critical mass such that when a new customer comes on board, they can begin collaborating with the majority of their existing trading partners in a very short period of time. They also have the opportunity to connect with new trading partners in a much more efficient way. As such, we are making it easier to scale your business.

To augment the power of the network, we have developed a comprehensive suite of solutions aimed at improving efficiencies across the supply chain. Among the most popular are solutions for procurementorder managementcontracts & rebatesproduct traceabilitytrade intelligence and data services. All of our solutions are available in a highly secure cloud environment. That means you can enjoy the benefits of robust supply chain software without the headaches of having to manage the installation, deployment and on-going updates and upgrades. It also means that you can access the full breadth of iTradeNetwork supply chain solutions any time, anywhere and on any device.

If you are already in the network, we would like to say thank you for believing in our vision and in us. If you are new to iTradeNetwork, we would like to say welcome. In all cases, we would love to hear how we could better serve your needs. Please contact us with any ideas or requests. We look forward to hearing from you.