iTradeNetwork Expands Industry-Leading Traceability Suite with TrueTrac, an Innovative Incident Management and Recall Tool for Buyers and Suppliers

Sep 2022

Dublin, California | September 29, 2022 10:00 AM, Pacific

iTradeNetwork, the leading global provider of end-to-end supply chain management and intelligence solutions for the perishable food industry, is proud to introduce TrueTrac, an innovative incident management and food recall solution that instantly and precisely identifies the location of compromised products. With TrueTrac, buyers and suppliers will protect the health of consumers, mitigate the impact of food safety events, save time and money, and preserve their brand reputation.

The State of the Industry

According to the FDA, there are roughly 48 million cases of foodborne illness annually, and an estimated 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths resulting from these illnesses (FDA). These rising numbers have driven the FDA and CDC to become more stringent with food safety rules.

Not only do suppliers and their trading partners need to manage the industry’s ever-changing regulations, but there is a growing need to provide consumers with quality, transparency, and freshness, with nearly 86% of Americans stating that transparency is more important to them than ever (Shopify).

How iTradeNetwork Can Help

The addition of TrueTrac to iTradeNetwork’s already robust iTracefresh solution suite helps supply chain participants capture critical traceability data to gain the visibility and insights they need to comply with regulations, lessen the impact of recalls, and ultimately grow their businesses.

By regulating the way they handle incidents, buyers and suppliers can acquire valuable data in seconds, saving thousands of lives by pulling products from the shelves before they reach the consumer and reducing the cost of a recall by 50-95% (Food Logistics).

With TrueTrac, suppliers and buyers can geographically analyze inbound or outbound shipments from the lot of origin to the final destination. The map-view feature allows customers to account for perishable products in real-time, so businesses can quickly identify products based on a number of metrics, including lot codes, to find exactly where the products are in the supply chain in a matter of seconds. Reports are configurable and enable users to find and export the data they need quickly.

TrueTrac users can even identify where confirmed outbreaks from the CDC and FDA overlap with their own products within the supply chain, allowing for prompt interception and immediate incident management.

Innovations like TrueTrac add to iTradeNetwork’s reputation as a trusted leader and innovator in the traceability space. iTrade’s history as a technology partner has helped customers meet evolving regulations such as the Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard and the upcoming FSMA 204 requirements with customized traceability programs.

“We felt confident in the iTracefresh solution being able to meet the final draft of FSMA 204 and that the [iTradeNetwork] team would be there to support on-boarding suppliers best if we worked further ahead of the implementation date,” says Mike Ferguson, Senior Vice President of Fresh at Topco. “Additionally, starting now ensures we [will] be on the leading edge of providing the ability to improve our freshness and respond more accurately and faster [to] recalls and product withdrawals or consumer advisories regarding the produce we source for our member companies. This makes us better for our members and our members better for their shoppers.”

iTradeNetwork’s TrueTrac release is the latest of many innovations in the iTradeNetwork traceability platform, including Palletized Advance Ship Notices, Bio-Engineered Food Module, Safe Food for Canadians Act, and more.

About iTradeNetwork

iTradeNetwork, Inc. is the premier software provider for the industry’s largest network of food and beverage companies, building the smartest, freshest, most resilient supply chains of today and tomorrow. iTradeNetwork offers an expanded platform of solutions designed to improve efficiency and provide greater visibility across the supply chain for Procurement, Traceability, Analytics and foundational Data Services. For more information, visit:

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