iTradeNetwork Launches New ASN (Advanced Shipping Notification) Compliance Solution for Walmart Supplier Quality Excellence Program (SQEP)

Feb 2021

DUBLIN, Calif. (Feb 16, 2020)iTradeNetwork, the global provider of supply chain management solutions for the food and beverage industry, has implemented a Walmart-compliant ASN on their platform. This solution allows perishables suppliers to seamlessly adhere to Walmart’s new SQEP protocols, which are updated by the nation’s largest retailer from time-to-time. iTradeNetwork implemented changes to its platform quickly to meet Walmart’s previous round of SQEP updates in 2017 and 2018. As a result of those efforts, participating suppliers increased their Walmart trading volumes on average by 55 percent within 12 months – with some suppliers increasing Walmart trading volume by as much as 300 percent on the iTradeNetwork platform.

“iTradeNetwork knows how important it is for many food suppliers to be able to sell their products to Walmart. Complying with Walmart’s SQEP is critical for them and it is iTradeNetwork’s job to provide that certainty to suppliers,” explained iTradeNetwork’s CEO Rhonda Basset-Spiers. “Our trading platform connects perishables growers, manufacturers and distributors to retailers large and small. It makes it easy for both sides of the transaction to meet their needs.”

“At Red Blossom we always strive to stand out as a best-in-class supplier for our customers,” said David Lawrence, president of Red Blossom, a grower of high-quality berries and customer of iTradeNetwork. “Partnering with iTradeNetwork has helped our efforts to be an industry leader, improve traceability and meet ever changing buyer compliance requirements. This allows us to be a preferred supplier for many of our clients. Since partnering with iTradeNetwork, we’ve seen significant growth in the volume of our business with large customers like Walmart.”

How It Works

iTradeNetwork (ITN) is the perishables supply chain leader with more than 8,000 active customers. Suppliers and resellers connect on iTradeNetwork’s technology platform to create active partnerships and easily transact. The platform also provides one-stop-shopping for freight, food traceability, shelf-life estimates and Walmart SQEP compliance, which creates efficiencies for buyers and sellers alike.

About iTradeNetwork

iTradeNetwork, Inc. is the leading global provider of supply chain management solutions for the food and beverage industry. Built upon deep industry expertise, a rich data foundation and the industries’ most extensive trading partner network, iTradeNetwork’s collaborative solutions allow distributors, manufacturers, operators, retailers, suppliers, and wholesalers of all sizes to reduce cost, grow revenue, and strengthen trading partner relationships. Today, iTradeNetwork’s growing customer list includes more than 8,000 companies globally. For more information, visit:

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